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Join us for Aurora Summit 23. : Celebrating the Art, Culture, Science and Photography of the Northern Lights! Our event will take place November 3 - 5, 2023, at Legendary Waters Resort in Red Cliff, Wisconsin. Registration launches right here in June.


Welcome to the Aurora Summit!

The annual Aurora Summit brings Northern Lights enthusiasts in the mid-latitudes together for a conference in the U.S. Take a look around!

Open to all who enjoy the Northern Lights, the event offers presentations about the wonders of the night sky, ranging from photography, astronomy and space weather, to art, history, culture and mythology. The weekend includes hand-ons demonstrations and opportunities to master night sky photography, as well as a live Aurora Chase on Saturday night.

Join the adventure! The 6th Annual Aurora Summit will be held in person Nov. 3-5, 2023 on Lake Superior’s shore in Red Cliff, Wisconsin. This unique conference attracts over 100 Aurora enthusiasts from dozens of U.S. states and Canadian provinces. Learn more.

We hope to see you at the Aurora Summit!

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Recap: Featuring the 5th Annual Aurora Summit

At Aurora Summit 22, we will feature Keynote Speaker Dr. Tamitha Skov, the credentialed space weather physicist known as Space Weather Woman! Aurora Summit 22 will take place at Legendary Waters Resort in Red Cliff, Wisconsin, near Bayfield and just south of Apostle Islands National Lakeshore!

We’re planning a phenomenal weekend, featuring opportunities to hear from celebrities in the Aurora Chasing and Storm Chasing world, as well as scientists, photographers, artists, storytellers, astronomers and more. The event includes:

  • Featured Keynote Speaker: Dr. Tamitha Skov, Space Weather Woman
  • Educational Sessions
  • Night Sky Photography Clinics
  • Photography and Photo Editing Workshops
  • BYOL Light Painting
  • Panel Discussion
  • Travelogue
  • Swap Meet
  • Expert Roundtable for questions on Nikon, Canon, Sony and Olympus
  • Swag, Raffle Prizes & More

Keynote Speaker Dr. Tamitha Skov

Our celebration of the Northern Lights will feature Dr. Tamitha Skov, the space weather physicist known as Space Weather Woman!

Skov is a credentialed space weather forecaster who has been helping the public understand the effects of space weather on our daily lives since 2013. She works primarily in the fields of solar and space physics research and in the testing of spacecraft materials in realistic space radiation environments. Her forecasting work as the “Space Weather Woman” is widely known on social media and she has been featured on several television shows for The Weather Channel and The History Channel. She has also been featured on CBS News, and in Popular Science Magazine and MIT Technology Review.

Thanks to social media like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, TWiT TV, Instagram and Periscope, she has helped nurture a vibrant Space Weather community of 98,000+ people, and growing. These people range from astronauts and satellite operators, to civil and military auxiliary radio operators, GPS specialists, scientists, and of course, aurora photographers. As this community has grown, the people in it have become her extended family. She strives to keep everyone informed and connected to each other and to the spectacular events the Sun sends our way. She will present “The Rise and Relevance of Space Weather in the 21st Century.”

“The Rise and Relevance of Space Weather in the 21st Century”

From the disruption of satellite GPS signals to the beautiful light displays of the aurora, Space Weather has a multi-faceted impact on life on Earth. Although it remains an extremely difficult topic to convey, new modes of communicating online are making space weather information more accessible to the public. In return, the modern world’s need for timely and accurate information is driving more robust observation and forecasting efforts by academics and citizen scientists alike. Join me as we examine the rise of the Space Weather community in the 21st century. What solar phenomena affect our daily lives? What is driving the growth in awareness of space weather? Find the answers to these questions and discover what it means to the future of our society as we weather the rise of Solar Cycle 25.

Our Presenters

In addition to Keynote Speaker Dr. Tamitha Skov, we will feature many new and returning presenters!

We’re excited to share that Aurora Summit 22 will feature the following presenters:

  • Vincent Ledvina, Space Weather Scholar who developed the North Dakota Dual Aurora Camera with Aurorasaurus
  • Jeanine Holowatuik, Northern Escape Photography
  • John O’Neal NC Stargazer, NASA Solar System Ambassador, author, solar imager and admin of SOLARACTIVITY
  • Bob King, Author and Blogger at Astro Bob’s Astronomy for Everyone
  • Justin Anderson, Admin of Manitoba Aurora and Astronomy and Aurorasaurus Ambassador
  • Anna Martineau Merritt, Misty Pine Photography and Crafts, Native American Studies expert and member of Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Indians
  • Steve Luther, SkyVista Photography by Steve Luther and International Educator
  • Marybeth Kiczenski, Shelbydiamondstar Photography
  • Dave Falkner, NASA Solar System Ambassador, author and Minnesota Astronomical Society member
  • Melonie Elvebak, Astrophotographer and Aurora Chaser
  • Dr. Mike Shaw, Author and owner of Mike Shaw Photography

Click the link to register for Aurora Summit 22.

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