One of the most amazing things about the Aurora community in the U.S. is how much time, effort and creativity goes into capturing every rare appearance of the Aurora Borealis. It’s a natural phenomenon that isn’t always visible at low latitudes.

Enter the Aurora Slideshow. Each year, this slideshow turns the spotlight on you to share your photography, by way of submission. With the help of your talents, we hope to continue this tradition into the future!

To learn how to submit your photo, see below.

Presenting the Aurora Slideshow!

Submit to the Aurora Slideshow

Thanks to our talented community, we have the opportunity to showcase Aurora photos of many experience levels and artistic styles. These images appear side-by-side in the Aurora Slideshow, illustrating many different formations of the Aurora Borealis through the lens of professionals and amateur photographers alike.

The Aurora Slideshow will be featured on the big screen during the Aurora Summit, and then we’ll post it on the website and social media for all to see.

Any registered guest is welcome to submit a photo to the Aurora Slideshow! The registration website includes a photo release and waiver, which allows us to share the slideshow with a broad audience.

Follow the steps below to submit:

  1. Sign up for the Aurora Summit with any admission type.
  2. Choose a high-resolution photo you’ve taken anywhere in the world, at any time. *
  3. Write an email with “Aurora Slideshow” in the subject line and include the following details so we can add them to the slide with your photo:
    a) Your name **
    b) Date the photo was taken
    c) Location of the photo, including city and state §
  4. Attach one (1) photo and send it with details to:
  5. Submit no later than Friday, Oct. 1, 2019.
  6. Check for a confirmation email to ensure the photo was received. If you do not receive a confirmation email, we do not have your photo. There may be significant delays in the response time.

Our goal is to produce a stunning slideshow, with a limit of one photo per person. If not enough submissions are received on time, we may ask individuals or all participants to submit additional photos.

* For best results, send a high-resolution, horizontal photo with no watermark. Vertical photos and panoramic photos are okay, but depending on the foreground of these photos, the quality of the final product varies in a standard video format.

** All photos will be attributed. The slideshow looks cleaner without watermarks, but watermarked photos are fine as long as people can see the photo well. In a video format, text with your name will be positioned over the bottom of the photo, and photos may appear cropped as they move across the video frame, so please keep that in mind.

§ If you don’t feel comfortable including a city name, just include the location details you are comfortable sharing.

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