Night Sky Etiquette

As a newcomer, it’s important to chase Northern Lights the right way — with respect for the dark skies, the land, wildlife, and other people you may encounter. Check out our Night Sky Etiquette tips from the Aurora Summit, and remember these on your journey.

  1. Please enjoy the night while respecting our precious communities, lands, wildlife and people.
  2. Try to only use red lights, or even better, no lights at all!
  3. Switch off your headlamp when not needed; avoid shining it in people’s faces.
  4. Please try to avoid using cellphones, devices or screens around photographers.
  5. Park your vehicle with the headlights pointing away. Turn them off when your car is in park or idle.
  6. Dim or switch off interior vehicle lights so they don’t cause ambient light.
  7. Many night sky enthusiasts are experiencing the night for the first time. Share your enthusiasm, knowledge and support.
  8. Finally, thank you for helping make our Aurora Summit and the Aurora Chasing community safe, friendly and welcoming!

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